Our Process

We are committed to delivering a customized learning solution that positively impacts your business.  Here is our process:


Step 1: Complete the Online Application

This application will help us understand your needs better and be prepared for our first phone meeting.

Step 2: Schedule a Free Consultation Call

In this call, we talk about your needs, learn more about your organization, explore possibilities, and determine if we are a mutually good fit to continue to the proposal stage.   If we are not a good fit, we will recommend people and resources who may be better suited for your needs.

Step 3: Submit a Proposal

Once we learn about your needs in our consultation call, we will create a customized solution that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.  The proposal is emailed to you and followed-up with a Q&A call.


Step 4: Sign an Agreement

The final changes are made to the proposal and converted into a final agreement that aligns both organizations with regards to the plan that we intend to execute,  timeline we will follow,  investment and payment structure,  and how we will measure the impact. .  The client agreement is emailed to you.  Once we receive your signed copy of the agreement, we will move into Step 5.


Step 5: Design your Training

Upon receiving your signed agreement, the exciting work begins!  We begin putting the meat on the plan that will help you achieve your desired business results.  In this stage, we will create the all of the materials that are required to execute the plan.


Step 6: Refine the Plan

In this phase, we work with you on refining our plan so that we implement a results-oriented solution that will work for you.


Step 7: Launch Training

This is where most training companies begin the process, but it is step 7 for us because launching meaningful training takes preparation and research. In this stage, a TH!NK resultant delivers the training, engages your learners, and inspires behavior change. We do all of this by creating a safe and fun environment. No lectures here...we believe in experiential learning.

Step 8: Measure, Calibrate and Adjust

We work with you to measure the impact training is having on the organization during and after training.  Our measurement process includes a support package that puts into action learning reinforcement follow-up steps which will help you identify areas of  early success that we can celebrate.  The process also finds the pocket areas that need to be adjusted in order for the training to have the most positive impact on the organization.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to work together to build happy teams and inspired leaders?  We are eager to learn about your teams and design a results-focused solution for you.  And once we do, we will stick with you through the ups and downs of team and leader development.

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