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Woo-hoo! What better place to learn these skills than in beautiful beachy Hawaii!

If you are “lucky to live Hawaii,” then you can jump up for joy instead of jumping on a plane to get a live in-person training session.

March 7 ~ 8, 2018 Everything DiSC Certification Class (Honolulu, Hawaii)


May 16, 2018 Mastering Productive Conflict Workshop (Honolulu, Hawaii)


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Do you want to take your knowledge about people and teams to the next level? Explore earning your certifications! Explore our online options where you can deepen your knowledge, learn in a global-rich cohort, and pace your learning in shorter time-frames that fit your busy schedule.

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The best place to start learning is with a facilitator kit! Get all the teaching & research resources you need to facilitate the topic you are passionate about teaching in your organization. Take your kit, add in a splash of your fabulous personality, and voila! you are on your way to a successful start!


If you want to know how people are growing, ask them what they are reading! Access some of our favorite books that helps you fatten up your people smarts and team smarts!


“Seek first to understand before being understood.”
~Stephen Covey.

Leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and are always looking for ways to grow. Access some of our favorite assessments to help people and teams grow to be their best selves everyday.


Are you a motivated self-learner? Or like we like to say….a learning junkie? If you are, then you may want to check-out our online courses for 24/7 access to feed your learning addiction.

Course - People Smarts for Everyone - TH!NK Training

Participants will …

  • Assess their natural behavioral style
  • Analyze how their behavioral style impacts their communication style
  • Practice the art of People Reading behaviors, the first step to adapting to others
  • Discover strategies to adapt their communication approach to different behavioral styles
  • Develop and practice strategies to create more comfortable and effective working relationships

This course includes one Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile. You will receive your online access code within 24 hours of enrolling in this course.

People Smarts for Everyone ($98)

Everything You Need To know About Communicating With People

Today’s people cannot lead with only one style. In fact, the most successful leaders are adaptable and able to bring the best out of their team. Adaptability requires a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence, or People Smarts, is developed when a leader is clear about what drives his or her management behaviors and becomes more adaptable to each leadership situation.

People Smarts for Leaders utilizes Everything DiSC®, a tool to help participants develop their emotional intelligence. Everything DiSC® is a behavior assessment tool that helps people understand the impact their behavioral style has on communication, relationships, service, sales, and leadership. Discover specific strategies to create stronger connections and quicker buy-in by adapting to people’s psychological needs. The end results are performance gains in customer service, sales, team member engagement, and client loyalty.

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