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5 Tips to Squash Procrastination from an Actual Procrastinator

By Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura

Procrastination is a subject of extremes.  Many people will tell us that their work is suffering because of their procrastination.   Others say that putting work off to the last minute is a strategy for building adrenalin to do their best work.  I used to be a part of the second group, Team Crunch. I would…

3 Lessons From Mindful Meditation

By Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura

So often in business, we are looking for ways to do more and achieve more.  As a business owner, it is all too easy for me to get caught up in the urgency of life and business.  Recently, I did exactly the opposite.  I spent my evening, with five powerful Social Wahines, doing less and…

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A Generation Y’s Perspective on Everything DiSC® Certification – Part 4

By Treana Garcia-Perreira

Learn about Everything DiSC Certification through the eyes of Gen Y TH!NK Genius, Treana Garcia-Perreira who shares her perspective in this 4 part series.