Lessons Learned While We Sheltered

October 25, 2022

It’s been 8 weeks since we were told to shelter-in-place.  It feels longer to us, how about you?   One of our clients shared that days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months, and months feels like an eternity.  We agree! 

In all of our classes we often ask about learning take-aways.   Learning exists in every relationship and every situation, and Covid-19 is definitely no different.  So, we asked ourselves, “What has the Covid-19 experience taught us?”

Learning something new brings JOY!
Take time to learn something new from your bucket list;  it brings joy and accomplishment.  Sarah and her son Wyatt started sewing!  Masks & bags from denim jeans galore!  Cindy finally started working on her headstand.  Being upside down when the world turned upside down has been good!

The most thoughtful gift is sanitizer and toilet paper
All we can say is “Who would’ve thought?”

We CAN function in a virtual world!
Our clients share that this is one of the biggest lessons learned.  Teams are reporting that they are stronger as they rally cohesively around shared purpose to pivot and respond to the crisis.  Meeting attendance and participation is up with the ease of a video or phone call.  At TH!NK we have been learning new virtual tools to take the same level of interaction and engagement we are known for in the classroom to a virtual classroom. Agile leaders has been key to teams functioning in a virtual world. Join us for one of our upcoming workshops; we’d love to see you!

Go to the ocean…salt water does heal  
Is zoom fatigue, a wacky sleep schedule, or worry taking a toll?  In these times, the best remedy has been hitting the ocean for some exercise or for an evening float. It heals!   Remember to slather on sunscreen because once you are in the Pacific blue, you won’t want to get out!

Simplify.  What you thought you needed, you probably do not
We’ve found ourselves cleaning and Marie Kondo-ing our spaces and lives.  What we imagined we couldn’t do without, is now a big HMMMMMM.  Yoga studio membership,  golf membership, business wardrobe. Cindy even ditched her microwave because “what’s the rush?”

The human spirit is designed to innovate, thrive, and remember
Food and cocktail online ordering, telemedicine, virtual fitness workouts, zoom yoga, farm to home produce boxes, drive-thru graduations.  You name it, organizations have a found a way to be innovative whether it’s something we’ve never seen before or a blast to the past.  We can’t wait to try the drive-in movies!  Bring your masks & popcorn!

Live In the moment, while planning for the future  
It is so easy to miss out on today because you are thinking about tomorrow.  Why can’t we do both?  How can you give people your undivided attention in the moment? Will you go back to the hectic over scheduled calendars of the past?  Maybe not. 

Social distancing does not mean friend distancing
Friendships are everything and true friendship never goes away. Sarah’s rekindled old friendships through Zoom happy hour calls!  Cheers!  Cindy FaceTimes with her hairstylist a few times a week and does food & recipe swaps with neighbors.  Relationships are blooming!

Don’t take anything for granted
We missed our freedom, gathering with friends at happy hour, school, team sports, taking in a movie, hugs.  The simple things we could do daily without a second thought are now precious and will be cherished like never before.

And lastly, remember that change is happening for you, not to you. We just need to find the gift.  

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