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Do you want to know more about being an inspiring leader and building a happy team? You are in the right place. We continue to add articles, tutorials and case studies so that you can find solutions for your business. This section is dynamic and always expanding. If you have a specific question, contact us, and we will do our best to answer it.

HR360: Leaders it is Time to Shine, Literally

Face it: 2020 was devastating. You ditched your business plans, shifted performance goals, and raised spirits for your employees through social media videos (like how to make a pizza). It’s been tough to be a leader.

2020 is behind you. What kind of leader will you be in 2021?

S.M.I.L.E. Tips to Prepare You for Your Next Virtual Interview

Preparing for a job interview? Congratulations! The thing is, this time your interview might be a virtual one over Zoom or video conference call instead of the traditional in-person meeting. Many of the interview practices and rules still apply, but virtual interviews require extra attention to a few details to help you put your best foot forward. In this video, Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura from TH!NK, LLC shares with you the five S.M.I.L.E. tips to help you make a great first impression…virtually. Good luck!

Virtual Teams Everywhere Are Being Challenged

Distributed work teams require intention in order to be effective. Team members are distributed in multiple locations and time zones. However, the expectations to be a high-performing team have not changed. Wiley Publishing recently reported that leading virtual teams & improving virtual teamwork skills are top organizational needs that leaders should hone in on.

HR360: Get Ahead of the Curve

Business strategies and processes that were once clear and well executed, are unnervingly murky and chaotic. As restrictions lift and businesses reopen, it is time to reshape how you take care of your employees, serve your customers, and rejuvenate your business in 3 steps.

Lessons Learned While We Sheltered

It’s been 8 weeks since we were told to shelter-in-place. It feels longer to us, how about you? One of our clients shared that days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months, and months feels like an eternity. We agree!

In all of our classes we often ask about learning take-aways. Well, we asked ourselves the same question, “What has the Covid-19 experience taught us?” Read More.

A Springboard to Powerful Conversations

As the excitement of working remotely wanes, you may find that people are starting to frustrate and annoy each other. When you see this rub happening, it is time to have your employees connect and have a conversation around working well together while working remotely. One FREE and effective tool designed to mend workplace frustrations is an Everything DiSC Comparison report.

Giving Tuesday is More Than a Day

Today, we are celebrating and supporting #GivingTuesday! It’s a time to hug the organizations that you are most passionate about with your donations of time, talent, and treasure! I know, in these times, treasure may be the last thing that people may be able to spare, but there are many creative ways to give at this time.