Digitally Exhausted? Well-Being Tips & Apps for Leaders Managing Hybrid Work

October 25, 2022

Hawaii Business Magazine, December 21, 2021

Hybrid work doesn’t always mean easier work. Actually, it is the opposite; it requires more collaboration to manage expectations, processes, and results. If you find yourself exhausted, you are not alone. Hybrid work can quietly take a toll on your well-being.  In fact, a 2021 survey conducted by Microsoft, reports  that high productivity is masking an exhausted workforce.   As the year winds down, consider three practices to create a healthy hybrid new year.

Ritualize Wellness

Anything can happen if you schedule it and commit to it.  Consider adding to your daily schedule a wellness activity that you enjoy. Perhaps, swim or yoga at the start or end of your day?  Or how about a 30 minute walk break?  Choose something you enjoy so that you look forward to it and will commit to it. Why not invite a buddy to make it more fun and hold each other accountable?  When exercise becomes a ritual, you can’t imagine your day without it!  One of our favorite yoga apps is CorePower Yoga On Demand.

Schedule Focus Time

While the hybrid work can take a toll on wellness, a possible strategy to prevent burn-out is to manage focus time. Microsoft also shares that people who tend to have higher work-life balance satisfaction had 1.3 times the number of focus hours than employees who were less satisfied with work-life balance.  Therefore, block out time on your calendar when the work cycle is naturally less hectic to focus on projects and put your notifications on do not disturb.  Have you noticed that the phone rings less at lunch time?  Take your lunch a little later and tackle an hour of focused work when everyone else is chowing down.

Study Sleep

Have you ever studied your sleep quality?  And we do mean “study.” Sleep is essential to your whole wellness.  Find a sleep app that you like such as “Sleep Cycle”.  Sleep apps will study your sleep habits, report your daily sleep quality, and give you the option to enroll in ‘sleep school’ to raise your sleep quality score.  You will discover a sleep ritual that helps you recharge.  The difference between a 69%  and a 90% sleep quality score could impact how you approach a difficult situation the next day!  Good luck and good night.

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