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At TH!NK we understand that your goal is to produce life-long learners.  We believe that starts with YOU- educators, administrators, and staff.  Our workshops (virtual and in-person) are designed to engage learners, expand thinking, spark rich conversations, and activate strategies to help individuals and teams work better together. We can’t wait to meet you in your next TH!NK class!


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Virtual Workshops: We love virtual classes & use multiple tools to make it engaging and fun!  Virtual is a great option when learners are in multiple locations and travel is not an option.  Virtual workshops are open to the public, but you can also request your own private customized virtual workshop for your team.

In-Person Workshops: Do you want to maximize group training with the in-person experience?  Host a customized in-person workshop at your worksite or school.  Stay connected with us and we will announce when our public workshops are back in-person.

Customized Workshops:  Interested in group training with your staff? We will customize your training session to your group’s desired outcomes.  Tell us your wishlist and we will design for results.


Training Workshops- Engaging & Relevant

Build stronger and more effective relationships by honing your People Smarts! Understand your personality style and how it drives your priorities and interactions with the people you work with.  Learn strategies to adapt to the personalities of your students,  peers, parents, and your leaders to create healthy communication, collaboration, and teams. 

This class utilizes the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile

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Workplace conflict is inevitable and it does not have to be uncomfortable nor unproductive.  Actually, we think conflict is good when handled correctly! Discover how to curb destructive behaviors in conflict so that people can productively engage in conflict and come to resolutions and agreements.  

This class utilizes the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile.                                      

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Leaning on the research of Patrick Lencioni, the Five Behaviors Personal Development solution helps individuals become better teammates by redefining teamwork and collaboration. Build a culture of teamwork that focuses on five principles:

  • Trust One Another
  • Engage in Conflict Around Ideas
  • Commit to Decisions
  • Hold One Another Accountable
  • Focus on Achieving Collective Results

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Increase your effectiveness one-to-one, whether managing direct reports or the relationship with your own manager.  Focus on five key functions of management:

  • Understanding your DiSC Management Style
  • Directing & delegating
  • Creating a motivating environment
  • Developing others with different styles
  • Communicating up to people you report to
  • This class utilizes the Everything DiSC Management Profile. 

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Today’s work environment just got more complex. Filled with uncertainty, new norms, and virtual tools, people are craving a heightened level of being heard and understood. Enhance your active listening practices with 5 listening approaches and learn when to use each approach to communicate more effectively.  

This class utilizes the Personal Listening Profile to help you analyze your listening strengths and areas for improvement.

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Analyze leadership as a one-to-many relationship, as opposed to a one-to-one relationship in managing.  The Work of Leaders focuses on tangible steps to lead a group or organization towards desired outcomes.  Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, leaders understand how they impact their effectiveness on individuals and the organization.

This class utilizes the Work of Leaders Profile. 

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Coaching is a proven strategy for garnering sustained superior performance in today’s challenging business climate. The impact of coaching is two-fold: to the organization and to individuals. By detailing a coaching process that leads to bottom-line results, this session shows how to use the coaching process, understand the underlying C.O.A.C.H. model, and develop specific communication skills to encourage dialogue and discussion during coaching. 

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Leaders play an essential role in helping to relieve stress and inspire innovation.  It all begins with your emotional reaction to a situation and your ability to manage it. Learn how to use your emotions to deal with the tough decisions and conversations you face.  This workshop is a personalized learning experience that teaches you to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.  You will be able to navigate outside your comfort zone, empowering you to meet any situation’s demands. 

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Everything DiSC Workplace Certification is designed for facilitators to scale and customize the Everything DiSC learning experience within their own organization.  Increase facilitator confidence and competence with the Everything DiSC suite of solutions.  Participants receive the credential and expertise needed to foster an engaged and collaborative culture. 

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About TH!NK® Training

As a boutique consulting firm that spends time getting to know you and your business, understand your business pains, and develop learning solutions that can solve your people problems, we customize each component of your plan to create solution that sustains itself after our consulting agreement as needed. 

Contact us to bring a TH!NK training solution to your campus or worksite.

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