Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team


Learn ​why ​The ​Five ​Behaviors ​of ​a ​Cohesive ​Team® ​is ​recognized ​as ​the ​proven ​solution ​for ​developing ​a ​productive, ​high-performing ​team. ​ Based ​on ​the ​best-selling ​book, ​The ​Five ​ Dysfunctions ​of ​a ​Team ​by ​Patrick ​Lencioni, ​The ​Five ​Behaviors™ ​helps ​teams ​understand ​how ​to ​become ​more ​cohesive ​and ​productive.

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  • October 2, 2018 : Boston, MA
  • October 4, 2018 : Baltimore, MD
  • October 18, 2018 : Falls Church, VA

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