Focus on the Human, Not Just the Employee

October 25, 2022

It’s week 3 of sheltering in place. People are wearing masks for protection and kids are home 24/7.   Employees have traded a traffic commute for 27 steps to their pop-up home office. The home front is loud and chaotic. For some, work from home is lonely and isolating. Consequently, daily life as you know it has drastically changed, but the expectations around work productivity has not.  

As a leader, you may be worrying, “How do I get 8 hours of productivity out of my team members?”  “Can I track if employees are actually working?” “What do I do to maintain engagement levels on my virtual team?”  “Should I monitor work being done or not done?” Keeping a pulse on productivity and generating results are a must.  However,  the Covid-19 crisis has thrown employees into an emotional spin. As a result, people are struggling to figure out the new work norm.

Your Leadership is Needed More Than Ever

Your leadership is needed more than ever. Most importantly, your employees need you in new ways. Help your employees be more productive by checking-in with them more frequently. And, focus on the human and not just the employee. For instance,  remember to add check-in questions that are more relevant and meaningful in these challenging times. By doing so, you demonstrate empathy & build feelings of trust. As a result, you help to boost engagement and productivity as people transition into work from home.

With engagement in mind, here is a guide to make your check-ins more effective.

Consider an Engagement Pulse

Gallup recently shared a pulse survey in a webcast titled, Week 2:  Briefing:  Gallup’s Latest COVID-19 Data and Insights for Leaders.     This pulse survey introduces 5 key questions any organization can use to get a pulse on how their employees are doing.  

  1. My leadership has a clear plan of action.
  2. I feel well prepared to do my job.
  3. My supervisor keeps me informed about what is going on.
  4. My organization cares about my well-being.
  5. Over the past 24 hours, have you been practicing social-distancing?

Launch an Engagement Pulse in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Create your Pulse Survey
    First, select your online survey tool to send out your pulse surveys to your employees.  Select a tool that is easy for you to use, fits your short term and long term survey goals, and fits your budget. For example, Survey Monkey and Glint are popular options to consider and explore. 

  2. Deploy your Survey  
    Next, ask participants to complete your 2-minute survey within 2 days of receiving the survey link.

  3. Create a Pulse Action Team
    Create a small committee responsible for analyzing and acting on the results. 
  4. Analyze the Results & Take Action
    In addition, schedule a meeting to review the results the day after it closes.  Your review meeting should cover:
    • Identify what is going well
    • Identify what needs to be improved
    • Create an action plan around the items that need to be improved
    • Design your communication plan. Click here for tips from Everything DiSC Work of Leaders to help align your communicate your plan.

  5. Align Your Action Plan
    Communicate your action plan to your employees two days after the survey is closed. In addition, introduce your plan in writing and in virtual team meetings to allow for questions.

  6. Re-Survey
    Send the survey out again in 14 – 21 days. In doing so, follow the same review and communication process.  In other words, rinse and repeat.

  7. Measure Results
    Finally, document your results in a manner that will allow you to see trends.  People love being able to quickly see data and trends with snappy bar graphs and/or line charts.

Need support?  We are here to help.  Reach out to us for a complimentary 1-hour consultation session on how to deploy and take action on this survey data.

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