A Gen Y’s Perspective on Everything DiSC® Certification – Part 3

October 25, 2022

Week 3 of 4: Pre-Work & Live Session 3

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” – Peter Drucker

Here we are, the halfway point! This week’s focus of the Everything DiSC® Certification was on developing the ability to assess the needs of a client or group and prepare customized activities to meet those needs. This is known as conducting a needs assessment which is what our pre-work included this week.

My Week 3 Experience

Luckily for week 3, the pre-work was a lot less in comparison to week 2. There was a new platform in which they used for one pre-work assignment. This platform was very interactive and user-friendly. Once you clicked on the assignment, it takes you to a separate window where it is very colorful and inviting. This is something you can’t just click through; you have to read the content to continue. It was a nice break from the usual skim through and click. *But of course, I didn’t do that 🙂 The lesson from it was very helpful to what we had to prepare for during our next live session.

Pre-Work for Week 3

While reading the assignments, everything was based on a needs assessment. I thought to myself, “what is a needs assessment?” This is what we needed to prepare for our live session. A needs assessment is used to understand the existing circumstances, desired outcomes, determine if there is a training need, and to prepare an appropriate program for the group. To conduct a needs assessment, you first need to gather information and consult stakeholders, then identify the need and clarify the focus. From there, facilitators can design the program. The importance of the needs assessment is to really understand the group and how to effectively work with them to reach their desired outcome. Speaking from my DiSC style, this seems like common knowledge to conduct this process before training, but when you think about it in other styles’ perspectives, it could be beneficial for many different reasons.

Live Session

In live session 3, we would have an opportunity to practice adapting to other styles. Going into live session 3, I felt pretty confident because I was able to complete all of the pre-work and go through my profile and choose which style I wanted to practice adapting to. I am a CS and chose to adapt with an I style, the style that is completely opposite of me. I found the tips on page 13 of my profile very help and strategies that I could use often. Luckily enough, someone in my small group during the live session was an I style and we gave each other insight on how we view each other’s efforts to create a more effective relationship. The collaboration during this class is very insightful and effective to keep DiSC® alive and well in the workplace.

Also in our live session, we shared different activities on how we can play around with DiSC®. There were many creative ideas that we bounced off of each other to create a dynamic activity. Our group decided to create the DiSC® circumplex and have participants write on post-it notes the characteristics of each style and place it where they think it goes. This allowed for conversation and a deeper understanding of the DiSC® circumplex. The other groups also had great and very fun activities to share.

Future Facilitator Lesson

In perspective of becoming a facilitator, my biggest take away from week 3 is the importance of the needs assessment. Understanding your group or audience can really impact the way DiSC® is being perceived. If anyone were to just go through the routine and say you’re done, there is nothing very beneficial from that. If a facilitator took the time to understand the audience and group and identified the focus, participants will have a greater take away from that training session. A little food for thought for all facilitators out there.

Gen Y Lesson

In perspective of a Gen Y, my biggest takeaway is that if you can’t relate it back to the group, the information becomes irrelevant. I have learned that if something isn’t relevant to a person, they will “check-out” of that conversation and just listen but not understand.  If you want to get a point across to a group, it is really important to have relevance with their issues and your topic of choice. Making the connection will go a long way for knowledge and effective use of the DiSC® tools.

It is amazing how much information we learned in just these 3 weeks. During this part of the training, self-reflection feels like a vital key when approaching the end. It is critical to take the time to think about how far you have come. Whether you are a DiSC® veteran or a first-time eager beaver, the amount of information you learn and keep under your belt is information that can be used in all aspects of life. Such well-rounded human beings we are becoming huh? 🙂


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  • April 17 – May 15, 2017 (Live session each Monday from 9:00 – 10:30am CT)
  • June 1 – June 29, 2017 (Live session each Thursday from 10:00 – 11:30am CT)
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