Giving Tuesday is More Than a Day

October 25, 2022

Today, we are celebrating and supporting #GivingTuesday! It’s a time to hug the organizations that you are most passionate about with your donations of time, talent, and treasure! I know, in these times, treasure may be the last thing that people may be able to spare, but there are many creative ways to give at this time.

In the past 44 days of shelter in place, we’ve discovered that giving doesn’t have to be big and grand. It can be small but mighty in meaning. And we’ve seen it over and over again; one kind act will pay it forward and live on in the lives of others. We’ve been collaborating with a few organizations in the spirit of giving. Let us take a moment to gush about how their small acts of kindness can pack a punch!

Salvation Army Kroc Center of Hawaii– Anchored in Ewa Beach, the Kroc Center of Hawaii serves as an emergency center serving families and anyone in need. We admire their Food & Joy Distribution efforts to help for Hawaii’s families and pets! And I imagine that as people drive through they get more than food & joy; they get blessed with an abundance of prayers! Way to go Kroc Center!

Hawaii Dental Services– Mahalo to the leadership team at Hawaii Dental Services as they donated much needed personal care supplies to the Kroc Cares initiative. The toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. will keep families healthy and smiling in these tough times! High fives to Sarah for connecting HDS to the Kroc Center!

Fabric Mart of Hawaii – This organization has been a lifeline in Hawaii to keep Hawaii safe with mask supplies! Mahalo to the team at Fabric Mart Hawaii for responding to Sarah’s request and carving out time to donate fabric and much needed mask supplies to the team at the Kroc Center. We know how hard you are working to keep Hawaii safe!– Responding to a shortage of masks, the volunteer team at set out to make masks for frontline responders. Mass mask production is no easy task! A production crew prepares mask kits, a squad of drivers delivers kits to volunteer stitchers, and 200 stitchers across the island sew, sew, and sew. Cindy has been designated a “power stitcher” for More masks to come! Holler if you need a mask!

YMCA– The YMCA has been nothing less than fabulous with their foodbox distributions!. Masked volunteers deliver food to the elderly and families. You may not be able to see the smiles through the masks, but you can certainly feel their warmth in their waves and smiling eyes. Organizations like the YMCA and its volunteers reinforce that we are lucky to live Hawaii!

Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii- With 13 clubhouses in Honolulu & Kauai, the clubhouses are offering free memberships to Hawaii’s teens and keiki. That’s AMAZING! During the shelter-in-place orders, the team at BGCH quickly converted their in-person programs into a dynamic virtual experience. They didn’t skip a beat in serving their members and helping them to create GREAT FUTURES! Today, launches the Boys and Girls Club Great Futures campaign and we are all for it!

So, whatever your situation may be, think about how you can give even beyond Giving Tuesday. As Hawaii slowly re-opens for business, the curve for recovery will be steep. But with generous hearts we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever and most importantly we will do it together.

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