In These Times, Your Agility Counts

October 25, 2022

Today is a beautiful day in Hawaii with clear blue sunny skies; it is postcard perfect.  But we all know that life right now is far from being perfect.  The COVID-19 crisis has impacted us collectively in ways that are unimaginable.  

What is for certain is that COVID-19 has required all organizations to be agile and adapt to change.  An organization’s ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment is a result of having an emotionally intelligent, agile leadership team and workforce.  

What does it mean to be agile? Today, you are being asked to navigate all sorts of complex interaction and decisions.  There is no one way to respond.  One minute you are being asked to collaborate with others, and then next moment you need to be firm with your answer.  One situation may ask you to look only at the data, and the next situation relies on you to consider the feelings and emotions of your team.  Being agile is the ability to navigate all of these situations using the most appropriate emotional mindset.  Most of us, however, get stuck in patterns of behavior that makes it hard to choose the most effective response.  We rely on familiar responses not because it is the best response, but because it is what we know.  Being agile means that you can tap into new responses that your instinctive ones don’t typically let you access. 

No matter what the weeks and months ahead throw at you, we want you to wake up each day saying “I’ve GOT this,” because YOU do have this, and we have got YOU!  Therefore, we have created a virtual classroom packed with courses to help you maintain an agile mindset and recharge your batteries.  We are committed to helping you create workplaces where people feel inspired and fulfilled even in the face of unprecedented change and disruption.  

We hope to see you in our virtual classroom in the coming weeks. Until then…be kind to yourself, believe in good, be there for each other, and know that we are all stronger together.

Click here to view our entire message that includes new classes & tips.

Virtual Hugs,
Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura (Di) & Cindy Sakai (iS)

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