3 Lessons From Mindful Meditation

So often in business, we are looking for ways to do more and achieve more.  As a business owner, it is all too easy for me to get caught up in the urgency of life and business.  Recently, I did exactly the opposite.  I spent my evening, with five powerful Social Wahines, doing less and it turned out to be the most productive night.

On July 12th, I went to my first class to learn the basics of how to meditate.  It was a balmy evening at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I arrived at the park around 5:30p and the beach was all a buzz with families playing in the water, people fishing, and all forms of fitness in high gear around us.   I was not scheduled to do any of those activities.  I was on my way to learn how to meditate.   Lia Catanzaro, an amazing yoga and meditation instructor, led our group of Social Wahines through the meditation practice.  Lia found the perfect spot for us amidst the beach goers, yogis and fitness groups.  We were positioned beneath a large shade tree, facing the ocean, perfectly poised to see a Hawaii sunset similar to the one you may find on a post card.

I signed up for this workshop seeking strategies to relax and calm my action oriented mind.  As with anything in life, I went for one thing and gained three stunning pieces of wisdom.

Lesson #1: Meditation Only Takes a Few Minutes

I learned that meditating just 2-3 minutes a day can improve your creativity, intellect and overall health.  I used to think that meditation took hours.  I was wrong!  Lia taught us that it takes just a few minutes of meditation a day to be more creative, smarter, and healthier.  Meditation does not need to be complicated.  It can be as simple as focusing on your breath and reaming calm while driving in traffic, spending a few minutes journaling each day or simply closing your eyes and focusing on your breathe in a measured fashion.  I was a big fan of breathing with a simple mantra.  I sat for 5 minutes breathing in through my nose and saying (in my mind) “in with love.”  Then, breathing out through my mouth saying, “out with fear.”  This meditation is powerful because fear and love cannot exist in the same space.  I had never thought of that before, and as I pondered the idea, I realized that fear frequently hijacks my emotions and I kick into action, which is usually not handled delicately,

Lesson #2:  Enjoy the Moment

I was able to truly sit and enjoy the place that I am at and not just let the day fly by me.  When was the last time you just enjoyed where you were and chose to live in the moment?  For me, it had been a long time.  I am usually hectically picking up kids, finishing work and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner from 5:30p – 7:00p.  This workshop reminded me to stop, slow down and enjoy this life given to me.

Lesson #3:  Enjoy My Friends and Have Unique Experiences

I am reminded how much I like spending time with my friends while having unique experiences.  These women were amazing. We were all in the same boat.  Nervous that we could not slow down to meditate well (apparently all over achievers since we were afraid of being successful meditators), not sure if it was something we could enjoy, but knew we needed meditation in our life.  Each one of us walked away with a different epiphany and felt closer as a result of the shared experience. By the end, we found our favorite form of meditation and enjoyed ourselves.  One woman committed to starting her day at 6:00an and begin with journaling, another was heading out to purchase essential oils to diffuse in her house every night before bed.  Me, I committed to going into yoga class 10 minutes early to meditate before yoga.

If you have not meditated before, I encourage you to find a guide to take you through the process.   To my friends in Hawaii, reach out to Lia Catanzaro directly @ lia@liacat.com Lia makes meditating an accessible experience that is not overwhelming.  With my limited experience, I can say with confidence that practicing meditation will help me improve my emotional stability and intellectual clarity, both essential to be my best at home and work.  I used to see slowing down as wasted time and being unproductive.   Now, I see it as an investment in myself that will allow me to give more and do more for others.

How do I use the Everything DiSC® Needs Badges to reinforce DiSC®?

Think Training - Everything DiSC Needs Badges - Featured Images
Everything DiSC Needs Badges - TH!NK Training
Some fun Everything DiSC® Needs Badges

It’s hard to resist those fun-loving Everything DiSC® Needs Badges!

If you are unfamiliar with the needs badges, they are magnetic badges that communicate a psychological need in a fun way. For example, “My need is….” stability, enthusiasm, results, collaboration, accuracy. There is even one that declares a need for coffee and another for happy hour!

Here’s a few tips to use the needs badges to reinforce DiSC® & have fun!

1) Team Meeting Icebreaker

Sprinkle the Everything DiSC® Needs Badges in the center of the conference table. Have each person choose a badge that represents a need that they currently have in the meeting. In a round robin fashion, have each person share what their need is and why.

What people share will range from light to serious. Tune into what they share and ask questions if you are curious to learn more. Have fun!

2) Use as a Decoder Ring

Do you remember mood rings that would communicate your mood depending on the color that your ring turned? If I remember correctly, colors like bright green and blue were good and if my ring cast a dark gloomy color, it was a signal for others to stay away!

Needs badges can be used in a similar way to help people understand your need for the moment. My recommendation would be to stash a set of Everything DiSC® Needs Badges in your desk. Throughout the day, change your badge as your needs change.

You may start out the day with the “My need is…Coffee” badge. If you are heading to a meeting to plan a project, perhaps you may wear the badge “collaboration.” And if you can’t find a badge that completely describes your need, then grab the blank badge and write it in!

3) Reinforce a Culture of Diversity

Provide anyone who completes Everything DiSC® with their choice of a needs badge that helps communicate one of their style’s priorities. When people wear their badges, they will find that it is a conversation-starter to talk about what’s important to them using DiSC® language.

People will become curious and ask about the DiSC® style(s) that they relate to and inquire about the styles and behaviors that they don’t relate to. Hopefully, people will be able to laugh about their differences and embrace diversity.

4) Gifts

When DiSC® is embedded in your organization’s culture, the needs badges becomes a valuable gift and reward! Everybody wants one! Recognize accomplishments and progress with a box of Everything DiSC® needs badges.

5) Social Mixer Conversation Starters

In addition to name tags, have everyone at your event choose a needs badge at check-in.

Because the badges are magnetic, everyone can wear them and they won’t fall off. People don’t need to know DiSC® to have fun with the needs badges and they do not have to talk DiSC® to use the badges. People just need to get curious and ask each other why they chose that particular badge.

Remember, there are even blank name badges that you can create your own need. You will be surprised by the conversations that the badges will spark!

If you are interested in learning more about the Everything DiSC® Needs Badges or order a set, contact us at info@think-training.com or 808-224-6694.

A starter set is only $22.00 + shipping and it includes the following needs:

  • Accuracy
  • Action
  • Challenge
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Collaboration
  • Enthusiasm
  • Happy Hour
  • Results
  • Stability
  • Support
  • To be a Star.

A box of blank needs badges is only $20.00 + shipping for 10 badges.  Click here to pick yours up today.

And if you would like to know more about Everything DiSC® or any of our other solutions for building effective teams and leaders, please contact us today and we will work with you to come up with a custom plan to help your organization and business rise to the next level.