The Great Resignation & Workplace Culture

October 25, 2022


The pandemic has ignited a new area in business called the Great Resignation. Millions of employees have left their jobs at record-breaking levels. According to a July 2021 Worklife BBC article, the reasons people quit are diverse. For some, the pandemic shifted their work priorities, while for others, their work expectations changed. The other way to gain insight into this issue is to find out why people stay. Employees who remained with their companies reported a supportive workplace culture that inspired them to stay. 

How can you create a culture that slows down the Great Resignation? Here are four strategies to strengthen workplace culture during times of life-altering change.

1) Get people talking. Use quick weekly pulse surveys to take a temperature check on how employees are feeling. Pulse surveys provide ways for people to process their thoughts and express their needs. The more feedback you receive, the quicker you can support employee needs with realistic solutions. 

2) Show compassion. Your pulse surveys will reveal opportunities for improvement. Use focus groups and 1-1 conversations to find fresh ideas to solve the problems. Actively listen to employees’ concerns by asking power questions like, “Help me understand how this change is impacting you?” or “What do you think is the best solution for this issue?”  

3) Revisit your strategic plan. Is your current strategic plan still relevant in your new reality? Involve your employees to pin down the smart ways to modify your plan. Give your employees a voice to help them feel connected, committed, and invested in the future.

4) Manage Energy. Back-to-back Zoom calls are wearing people out. Create a culture that values 2-hour deep thinking time daily. This is time set aside where people can work on projects that take focus and attention. You may also consider mixing up how you meet. Not everything needs to be a video call. An old fashion phone call can be the perfect solution.

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