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October 25, 2022

Now is the time to step into learning.  There are many reasons to continue to offer engaging, live virtual training opportunities to your staff right now.  Here are TH!NK’s top 4 reasons for conducting a live, virtual Everything DiSC Workplace® Session.

  1. Stress is High
    When people experience stress, they need to connect with others for support and to gain perspective.  An article written by Mayo Clinic Staff, Coping with Stress:  Workplace Tips, states that sometimes simply talking about a stressor and understanding your triggers can be a relief. Help people gain alternate perspectives on how to look at stressful situations by leading a virtual DiSC session. When you teach DiSC, people discover their personal stressors and triggers as related to their DiSC style. Everyone wins when people are able to shift their stress-driven behaviors to a mindful and productive approach.

  2. 24/7 at Home
    The entire world is interacting completely differently.  Many people are with their families 24/7 and spending more time together than ever before.  This is a wonderful opportunity to connect. But, it can be a challenge to overlook behaviors that frustrate you when they are magnified everyday.  By understanding family member’s DiSC Styles, use this time to understand what makes them tick and why they do what they do.  DiSC will provide you a new lens of why people display certain behaviors. You will gain new strategies to become more comfortable and effective when sharing space with your family.

  3. Remote Working
    In a recent executive coaching call, a client shared that the most powerful driver in her team’s reaction to the COVID-19 crisis has not been work experience nor the role they played in the organization.  It was their DiSC style.   For example, an employee who relates to the Influence style starts out their check-in call with with an enthusiastic “I am here and ready to help people feel happy. Where do you need me and who should I call first?” Meanwhile, an employee whose style is Conscientiousness provides her with the latest CDC data every morning and makes sure that the information is considered whenever they need to make decisions.  Knowing the DiSC Styles of her team is allowing this leader to help people maximize their gifts to lead the company and also help keep them engaged by valuing what they bring to the virtual work environment.

  4. Learning Is Fun, DiSC is Fun!  
    It is important to keep on top of the current COVID-19 news to understand the world we live and to be good citizens, but it also needs to be balanced by good news.  People are looking for good news everywhere.  Just type in “good news” to your google search; you will see a flood of stories.  Think about how you can be that ray of sunshine in a very meaningful way during your training sessions. Aim to deliver learning sessions where people can laugh and learn together.  

For those who currently own an Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitation Kit, click here for an outline of how you can deliver that same session virtually.  If you want to teach Everything DiSC Workplace® Virtually but do not own the facilitation kit, we can help.   Click here to learn more about it and make your purchase.

Need support?  We are here to help.  Reach out to us for a complimentary 1-hour consultation session on how to make the most of your virtual DiSC training.  

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