New Year’s Intentions

We are big believers in New Year’s Intentions. The first week of January is a perfect time to create the year you want to live by writing your intentions on paper, sharing your intentions with a friend and actively pursue what you want to accomplish in 2023.

Here is a quick template for you to set your intentions in 4 simples steps:
Download and print out this intentions worksheet

Write in your answers

Post your intentions on your wall so you can read them daily
Take action on your intentions in 2023

You can make a commitment in each section or just one. There is no wrong way to do it…just do it 🙂

We will be sharing our intentions on Linkedin over the next few weeks.

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Now Live! Your Groups on Catalyst™

We are thrilled to announce that Your Groups on Catalyst is now live!

Your Groups is a simple, fun, and interactive tool available within each learner’s Catalyst profile. By combining DiSC® with actionable group insights, Your Groups helps teams build cohesion and adapt their behavior for optimal performance.

With Your Groups, learners can: 

  • Create and save groups that reflect their workday
  • Plot each member of their team on the Group Map
  • Get to know their teammates with customized Style Insights
  • Shed light on group dynamics with the Big Picture

The result is a more engaged, high-performing team culture, powered by Everything DiSC® !

Getting Started

The result is a more engaged, high-performing team culture, powered by Everything DiSC® !

  1. Try it for yourself: Each User has access to this new feature within your Wiley-provided Everything DiSC on Catalyst profile.
  2. Integrate it into your Everything DiSC on Catalyst facilitated sessions: We’ve created a simple facilitation activity for you and your client facilitators to help you and your learners get the most out of this new feature during live facilitations.

E-Book: How to Stop the Great Resignation

What is driving this historical moment in time where tens of millions of people have quit or are thinking about quitting their jobs in search of something new? The standard aspects of a job like career advancement, compensation, and benefits play a role, but it’s the human aspects of work (or more accurately, the lack thereof) that seem to be pushing people over the edge.

A recent article published by McKinsey & Company in September 2021 reported that because of the isolation, uncertainty, and change brought about by the pandemic, employees are craving a human investment in the workplace. Download e-book and discover what people want.

Keep Your People- How to Navigate the Great Resignation

Employee expectations have fundamentally shifted during the pandemic. As a result, organizations can expect large talent shifts to occur in the next year. How can you leverage a people-centered culture to reduce employee stress and limit turnover in your organization?

The eBook, Keep Your People: How to Navigate the Great Resignation, offers valuable insights from Wiley’s latest research on virtual culture from 4,500 working professionals. You’ll learn actionable strategies to keep your people and reduce turnover, while gaining an understanding of the connection between a people-centered workplace and employee stress levels. Download the eBook.

Everything DiSC® Management is Now on Catalyst™

Everything DiSC® Management on Catalyst is now available in EPIC for you to use within your organization!

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst prepares anyone in a management role to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people. It combines DiSC with personalized management insights to help learners adapt their approach to each direct report, improving their management effectiveness in real-time. The result? A great management culture that brings out the best in their people—and themselves!

Everything DiSC Management is available within the Catalyst system as a 10-credit add-on to the Everything DiSC Workplace® base experience. Managers will:

  • Discover their DiSC management style
  • Develop a set of core management skills that are essential in the modern workplace
  • Gain actionable strategies for adapting their management style to each person they manage

Getting Started

To begin integrating Management on Catalyst into your organization, we recommend the following:

  1. Meet Catalyst™. Click here to download a brochure and learn more.
  2. Watch our Catalyst demo video to see how this new platform takes your management training to the next level!  
  3. Get the facilitation kit: Management on Catalyst includes virtual and in-person facilitation materials now available on the Everything DiSC on Catalyst facilitation kit. Purchase a new kit from TH!NK or upgrade your Workplace, Agile EQ, or Management kit (English only) to the Everything DiSC on Catalyst kit for FREE now through December 31, 2022. Simply visit the Everything DiSC registration site, enter your registered serial number, and download your materials.
  4. Contact TH!NK @ to learn more about Everything DiSC® Management on Catalyst™.

Products Sunsetting in 2022

We would like to share some important product information from Wiley. As the business shifts its focus towards a digital strategy, Wiley Publishing has made the decision to streamline its product portfolio.  

After careful consideration, the following products will be discontinued, effective June 30, 2022:

The EPIC products below will be available until June 30, 2022, with the exception of Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, which will be available until June 30, 2023.

Product Name Product Number Date Discontinued
Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders EPIC June 30, 2023
Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Coaching Supplement EPIC June 30, 2023
Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Facilitator Report EPIC June 30, 2023
Personal Listening Profile®  EPIC June 30, 2022
Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator Report EPIC June 30, 2022
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 EPIC June 30, 2022
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report EPIC June 30, 2022

By continuing to align our products around a digital strategic vision, Wiley is ensuring that you have the best solutions the industry has to offer. 

If you would like to schedule time to discuss some alternative options and how this news will impact your business, please let us know. We look forward to our continued business together.

Are Your SMART Goals Smart Enough?

‘Tis the season for strategic planning! Whether your organization fared well or not during the pandemic, this is the perfect time to dust off your plan and check if your goals are still relevant. Or is it time for a whole new set of goals as you navigate the post-pandemic landscape? 

In our 20+ years of experience helping organizations create strategic plans, we have found these four tips essential in creating and achieving any goal. 

  1. Test assumptions. People have different perspectives. While vetting out goals, you often hear assumptions such as “Isn’t everyone clear about our mission or values?” or “Shouldn’t they know THAT by now?” Whenever you hear assumptions, challenge the belief and start asking open, non-judgemental questions such as “That is a fair point, what evidence shows us that it is true?” Not only will people gain clarity, but you may discover valuable gems to refine a goal or strategy in your plan.
  1. Plan for dialogue. Allow ample time for open dialogue so that healthy debate can thrive. Schedule dialogue sessions at different levels of your organization as you seek feedback or do research related to a goal.  
  2. Practice discipline. Although important to your organization’s success, goal setting and strategic planning can easily take a back seat to urgent tasks. Identify a strategic planning champion(s) to hold the team accountable to the plan. Write down and communicate a well-defined strategic planning schedule complete with steps/phases, dates, and deliverables. Discipline is the key to a successful implementation.
  3. Have a communication plan. Once you set your goals, strategies, and action plans, create an internal marketing and communication plan. This plan should answer questions such as:
    a) How will you communicate the strategic plan within your organization digitally, visually, and verbally?
    b) How much detail will you share about your strategic plan with the whole organization? Will you communicate just the goal statements? If so, is there enough information in the message to spark excitement and motivate people?
    c) How will you make your organization’s goals memorable to all team members?

Recognize that not everyone on your team will fully understand the context of your organization’s goals. Therefore, carve out time upfront to test assumptions and engage in open dialogue. Remember to plan for successful implementation with discipline, accountability, and communication so that everyone can get excited about their role in making success happen!

To inspire more collaboration in your strategic planning process, reach out to us at

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Do you want to lead your organization along the path to build truly cohesive, high-performing teams? You are not the only one.  

According to a survey conducted by Wiley Publishing,

  • 71% of respondents said they have been on teams where a lack of trust created a toxic work environment.  
  • And, 42% of respondents reported having left a job because of a bad team member.  
  • Yet, 99% of the people surveyed said that they were good team members. 

The recent State of Team Report conducted by Wiley Publishing, shows us that teaming becomes even more critical in today’s virtual work environment as 29% of people stated they are not confident that they will feel personally connected as they work remotely and 22% of people stated they were not confident that their teams could maintain the same performance levels virtually.  Download the State of Team Report.

What is the disconnect?  As a leader, you cannot assume people know how to be good team players.  Nor that they are trying to be a better one.  Teaming is an overlooked skill that needs to be taught and nurtured.  With our Five Behaviors® Facilitator Accreditation, you will gain the confidence and credentials to lead any team through The Five Behaviors® program.  Watch this video for more details. 

In this blended online learning course, you will hone your facilitator techniques and instincts to effectively navigate teams through unexpected, challenging circumstances that can arise during a Five Behaviors session. This accreditation is ideal for Directors, Managers, and Human Resources professionals responsible for team performance.

In just five weeks, you will:

  • Enhance your expertise in The Five Behaviors model
  • Gain the confidence to navigate challenging Five Behaviors team sessions
  • Earn the credentials to be an even more valued resource to your organization

Accreditation Schedule: 
Option 1:  9:00am – 10:30am Central Time (Chicago)

Option 2:  1:00pm – 2:30pm Central Time (Chicago)

  • November 9, 2021:  Begin online pre-work
  • November 16, 2021:  Introduction to the Models (live virtual)
  • November 23, 2021:  Trust (live virtual)
  • November 30, 2021:  Conflict and Commitment (live virtual)
  • December 7, 2021:  Accountability and Results (live virtual)
  • December 14, 2021:  Project Team Presentations (live virtual

Email us at for more details or call us at 808-224-6694