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Here is what you need to know

We are in the business of people and believe that workplaces should be happy places to come to work. A critical component to creating a happy workplace is that people feel valued, trust is high and conversations flow effortlessly.

What we do takes time

Designing and implementing a learning solution that impacts your business takes time. We spend time designing a customized plan with our proven process. Customization requires us to learn your business, understand your needs, design the solution, identify measurement mechanisms, and measure the impact. We stay with you until your goals are met.

It also takes time for people to embrace and apply new skills in their daily work. Most of our programs last four to six months where people meet monthly to learn new content, practice new skills, apply new concepts back at work in between sessions, and receive one-on-one coaching to increase leadership confidence.

What we do takes a budget

People often ask how much training will cost. It’s an important question and like any customized solution or process, the answer is, it depends.

Depending on the time commitment to your training solution, level of customization, complexity of the training need, your investment may range from $4,000 to $40,000. Again, it depends, and we just need to talk and learn more about your organization.

Once we have clarity about your training needs and desired outcomes, we will submit a proposal with investment details. So, please call us so that we can talk.

What we do requires collaboration

TH!NK is more than a source for effective training programs and relevant training content. Collaboration with our clients is what makes a training solution relevant and results driven.

Our planning process starts with dialogue to learn your organization’s business goals and identify leading indicators of success so that you will be able measure progress during the training process. Customizing your training solution requires continuous dialogue to ensure that the training content will challenge and stretch the learning cohort and be meaningful to them.

And throughout the implementation of training, scheduled follow-up meetings ensure that we are on track with achieving your leading indicators of success and help us to make quick adjustments in order to do so.

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